Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Regimental Fire and Fury ACW (8): Gettysburg - Dixie sieze the High Ground

The journal of Colonel Chamberlain abruptly stopped at the end of turn four (I didn't make it across for the final night's gaming) so history is taken up from the pages of the Richmond Post chronicle as it recounted the historic end game. The Union centre was but paper thin and their left flank had been turned. Only on their right did the Union look strong (see below):

As a consequence of this the Confederates refused their left, pinning the Union reinforcements into a long range musketry duel which suited the Rebel strategy (see below):

Instead the Rebels attacked hard in the middle:

The South surged up the slopes of Little Round Top (see above) driving all before them, gaining the lower part of the hill. The "worn" and "extended" Union troops being absolutely no match for them:

If that was not bad enough news for the Union the Rebels convincingly won the day on the their right. The Union left was flank turned (not extending the line and covering the frontage with even a thin line was a lesson hard learned, as the Regimental Fire and Fury movements are 'just that bit more' than the Brigade level game equivalents and terrain much less of a movement hindrance):

With the flank turned the result was inevitable:    

The tearful sight of the Rebels storming the heights, emerging from the hidden canopy of the woods, springing a dreadful surprise on a "spent" Union regiment seeking shelter behind the newly placed Union battery of guns. The Brigade Commander Vincent joined the fray (see below):

But the Rebels won the day (see below) planting the Confederate flag atop Little Round Top. John Bell Hood's men had won the day: 

The Army of the Potomac was now compromised, General Meade organised a retreat and Lee had won the battle of Gettysburg on the second day. The road to Washington was open and the capitol was in panic, Lincoln was politically compromised and the "peace party" was plotting to compromise with the South.

Well played to the gentleman Southern "God and General" for a very enjoyable game and excellent collection of toys and terrain. Maybe I should paint some Union troops, they always seem to need more of them.


Paul said...

Great series of posts, I told you the South would rise again.

Rodger said...

Excellent report and photos. I have enjoyed these posts. I'm a bit of a fan of J.B.Hood.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Glad you liked it folks. A victory well deserved to my Confederate opponent.

In the scenario he had until turn six to take it and he did it on five. I think it was "in the bag for him" with the double Union collapse.

Paul your prophesy came true after all ;)

Rodge glad to have you on board. I think I need to read up a bit more on the ACW.

Next up is some Renaissance painting

scotty said...

A great series of posts on this game, enjoyable read

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Glad you liked them Scotty :)