Monday, 3 October 2011

Regimental Fire and Fury ACW (4): Gettysburg - The Rebel Surge

Defied by stubborn Union defence the Rebels resorted to cunning but time consuming manoeuvre. The Rebel second line side-stepped, moving by companies to outflank the very Union troops that had previously outflanked them.

Meanwhile the fire-fight continued apace to the front with the Rebels being further whittled down under the impressive musketry of the 20th Maine and the gallant Colonel Chamberlain. However the Union sharpshooters were "dispersed" as the fresh Rebel regiment moved in, but they had done their duty well. The Union flank was again left hanging:  

The action moved to the central section of the board where the Rebel main force "hit", or rather sunk its teeth into the Union defensive salient (see below). Devil's Den was cleared of Union sharpshooters by some exceptional Confederate musketry at the cost of a Rebel regiment going "ammo low" for the rest of the game (a fair trade?). Sharpshooters are interesting, as they are hard to hit (especially when in extended line and in cover) but if hit they tend to disperse, being usually a detachment of only two stands. This adds a nice bit of regimental flavour to the game.

The patiently constructed wave of grey poured forth and although taking losses in the defensive fire closed to melee with devastating effect (see below). The Confederates had done a very professional job here softening up the front with an effective cannonade for the previous two turns:

The now "disordered" Union line upon the hill top disintegrated. The Union cannon long since silenced by its Confederate counterparts was swept away as a trophy. The only Union success was an exceptional result in the riverbed where a Federal unit of veterans saw off an attack by two Confederate regiments. It's success however exposed it to a potentially deadly enfilade from the hill. Meanwhile on Little Round Top Colonel Chamberlain seized the initiative:

"Ammo low" but "fresh", he ordered the 20th Maine to "fix bayonets" (declining an attacking fire option but instead taking a +1 melee bonus if they get in) and charge out of the Union defences at the "worn" Rebel unit. A good win and breakthrough could swing the battle in the Union favour, risky as a bad roll could open up the flank of Little Round Top!

What would the goddess of war decide?


scotty said...

great looking game

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Scotty it was (and still is) fun to play