Monday, 17 October 2011

Renaissance Reinforcements (6): Germanic Men-At-Arms ready for battle

After a few shades of brown on the base, a dry-brush highlight in white, followed by a good flocking. I proudly present my "large" unit of Germanic Men-At-Arms Knights (I need not beg, steal or borrow ambiguous "cavalry" types to bulk out my Renaissance Impetus army now) :

Coming soon to an Impetus tabletop near Hartlepool and perhaps even SmoggyCon 2012, though a daunting step into the competition arena must at least mean should read the rules cover-to-cover (once):

Here they are caught in natural light on the windowsill and charging home with reckless abandon:

You just know you are going to throw a "one" when you need a "six":

One last job is to paint something Renaissance on that 'red' banner:

Then a coat of matt varnish for "protection" purposes :)


Paul´s Bods said...

Nice. Anothe period I like the look of....but who does enough figs in 20mm???

Rodger said...

Really nice work, basing is very effective.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


20mm Renaissance plastic,they are coming out but the 25/28mm "hard" plastic will give them a run for their money and can fit in with the existing expensive metals ranges

Cheers Rodger, it's a technique I have picked up from others, from Games Workshop to my fellow Hartlepool and Redcar friend. Keep it simple and effective :)