Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Missing "Necron" Located

Necron unit NW-0012 (Necron Warrior #12) turned up unexpectedly during a "man cave" clear-out session. He (or rather it) appeared from behind a stack of shelving (yes in bits, two to be precise). Obviously NW-0012 had been blown there by the Space Marine high explosive that "killed it" ( .. we all know it was a five year old trooper/recruit that did it):

The unit was reactivated (boy does it look angry) and has successfully joined up with its parent unit:

The said Necron unit is hiding in a "secure and safe bunker" from the Ultra Marine menace (now a six and a half years old veteran model crusher. I lock my kit up when he comes round to play!)

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David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

It is always a surprise as to what reappears when having a clear out/up - as my recent move testifies!

Glad he is back with his unit so the 'wind up key' can be eased off a notch!

All the best,