Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Regimental Fire and Fury ACW (5): Gettysburg - The Little Round Top defences hold strong.

The Union line reforms along its length in some semblance of order (though distinctly worn in parts):

At Little Round Top, Chamberlain's charge with the 20th Maine at the worn Rebels is successful, but only marginally so. The Confederate regiment is disordered and pushed back, but no breakthrough. The 20th Maine are now outside of their protective defences:

So the initiative passes to the Confederates who send their "fresh" regiment at Chamberlain's 20th Maine:

In a 50:50 encounter the Union win the melee and the Rebs are bounced back into the woods, smarting with a casualty. The rest of the Confederates at Little Round Top prudently regroup and wait for their centre to advance:

The attention once again turns to the Rebel wave of men advancing on the centre of the battlefield as the Rebels push again at the reformed ragged line of blue.

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