Thursday, 13 October 2011

Renaissance Reinforcements (5): Germanic Men-At-Arms texture the base

Paint it brown (courtesy of Anita's Acrylics Earth Brown) and when dry cover base in PVA/wood-glue and add ubiquitous "gravel and sand". Then let set (see below):

The base is now "dusty and sandy" and almost impossible to paint on. A watered down wash of Anita's Acrylic Earth Brown, with a little bit of black added, is then soaked into the base to seal the "grit". A touch of left-over PVA can find its way into the mixture.

Note: The metals are heavy so when the cardboard base was sodden, care had to be taken with it when moving it about. Super-glue was used to stick the horses to the card-stock.

Getting there! Next stop: A bit of flocking.


Paul said...

Nice work Geordie, all that armour must weigh those figures down, hence the problem with the basing.

Flock on!

Al said...

cor, you're really getting into these 'other' periods now aren't you mate:)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers for the comments

I'm a cyclic sort of guy if truth be told, but I always come back to the twentieth century

The 28mm explosion in plastics has made it hard to resist, hence the Renaissance armies come on board with the advent of the Perry's plastics (you'll see some of them later!)

I have also "chosen" to so 28mm Napoleonic Peninsularand 28mm ECW .. long terms stuff that will eventually get done (don't ask when)

The twentieth century is being represented by some Plastic Soldier purchases

I'm finding painting the big stuff very relaxing at the moment