Wednesday, 30 November 2011

IJN 1/1200 Yamato Kit

My triumvirate of Revell IJN 1/1200 kits is now complete (although I should add only one is "made", two are in the projects "stash/stock" for the winter nights). So I now have the IJNS Mushashi (made), the third ugly sister that was converted into an aircraft carriers 'desperation style' post the Midway 1942 disaster the IJNS Shinano (still in the box) and the most famous of the pack the IJNS Yamato courtesy of my latest eBay purchase.

Peeking inside the pack I see it's a nice little kit, differing only from the IJNS Mushashi in that it has turret options with additional AA mounts on them.

This begs the question, as I now have eighteen Revell 1/1200 warship kits, does this mean I have the complete (warship) range? Details to follow in a different post.     


David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

I have just hoovered up a second Duke of York and a Gneisenau but your comment re the differences 'twixt Yamato and Musashi has given me food for thought.

I was under the impression that the sister ships in the Revell range were in fact identical kits - just different box art and paint jobs.

Mine are probably going to be 'tweaked' into something different in any event but it has given something to think about.

I am pretty sure that Santa has some Airfix 1/1200th goodies for yours truly so you can probably guess what next year will bring at some point!

All the best,


Tim Gow said...

That's 18 really quite large ships! What's the plan for them?

Paul said...

18 Ships! I thought I had problems...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello David,

In Summary (from memory):
KG5, PoW and DoY seem identical
Yam and Mush different AA on 18"
Shin just wacky
Sharn and Gn, extra plane on latter
Bis and Tirp the same
York, Ent and Horn different AA
(Horn gets B25 planes)
Iowa, Miss and New Jer AA and/or planes v helicopter
Roma and Vit seem identical

Airfix + above seems to mean "Sink the Bismarck" is on, plenty of fun to be had at Xmas for you :)

Just making them because I like them really :)

Best Wishes

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Tim if I had "a plan" it wouldn't be me ;)

I just had the urge to start collecting them


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Paul my ships will ultimately be used by the kids some rainy fireworks day in the future ;)

My madness is also secretly hoarding 1/600 kits too!