Monday, 7 November 2011

Impetus Battle III: Bloody Combat (4)

The Greek warband closes into hand-to-hand combat with the unit of Renaissance Shot (middle below), while in the background a whirling mass of pike, warband and cavalry clashes (top right, see below):

The charging Greek warband " evaporates in a cloud of Harquebusier smoke, though it has to be said after making rather a big impression on the "shot" unit with some nasty casualties (see below, middle). This battle field is no place for the timid or faint of heart: 

My joy of combat is short lived as a dastardly bunch of skirmishers move in from the side and finish of the Harquebusiers off while they are reloading (Editor's note: Rather artistic licence here as this sort of mechanic is certainly not in the rules). Now you see them now you don't:

The final savage blast from the Greek players phase comes in the middle (see below):

However to everyone's surprise the valiant (well in my eyes) Pike Block fights its way out of a tight and bloody corner by felling the last remaining Greek/Gaelic warband in front of it (see above), but in the process loses also its back rank (see below) to the Greek cavalry:

A body count is now required, not much being left of both armies. The Renaissance boys have reached their breaking point (9VD lost) whereas the Greeks are just hanging on (7VD lost). My army is technically broken, but as the whole turn must be played my phase has to be completed. if I can manage to inflict 2VD then a "bloody draw" can be salvaged. Casualties no longer matter to me!

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