Tuesday, 29 November 2011

HaT ArmourFast Panzer III Ausf G: The Second One

The second HaT ArmourFast Panzer III Ausf G gets the same Tamiya XF-63 Panzer Grey (or after reading the label again I stand corrected it's actually German Grey) painting scheme. The fighting pair (see below):

As we are amongst friends we can pretend that the short 50mm is really a 37mm "Door Stopper" and drive across Poland (1939) and into France (1940) before entering Russia (1941-42):

Compared to the later war tanks the "length" of the barrel does not impress, but at least it can fire a decent enough HE charge to knock out infantry strong points (MG bunkers) and exposed anti-tank gunners.

Note to self: Painting recap Tamiya XF63 German Grey, with successive amounts of Tamiya NXF-53 Neutral Grey, leading to a final thin highlight on leading edges of XF-53 with a "touch" of Anita's Acrylic Cream to whiten it up.(As seen in the side-shot below):

Crying out for some decals and clutter, but that can come later!

HaT Panzer III Ausf G catwalk over, next stop the "medium company" of the early war Panzer Division's battalions ;)


Paul said...

Even more great progress. You are on bit of a roll.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Paul,

Strangely enough the key to success seems to be me being "really busy at work". Coming home from a "dog" of a day, get some food and the kids to bed then winding down with a between half and an hour of painting.

Hopefully the pattern will break soon as I do have other things to do in the run up to Xmas ;)

But a pleasant side-effect is the progress on the 1940's German kit :)

I am getting a little "German Grey" blind though, craving for Greens and Sand, or even those colourful Renaissance chaps ;)