Monday, 7 September 2009

Early days on the photography front!

Words are one thing, but pictures are what the public want.
This was the result of me playing around with a scanner :)
I was lucky I did not blind myself!

Prompted by MiniatureZone I thought I could at least share some preliminary results rather than waiting before I got my photography skills together.

See above my three PanzerJagd IV in late war "ambush" camouflage.
Best to click in to enlarge and see the detail as the initial picture is small.
Honest, I don't just have Germans!

The KonigTigers (see "Initial Painting Tray" post) are being painted in a similar scheme.
Some form of Ardennes wargame is formulating in my mind.


1 comment:

Paul said...

Geordie, a good start! How about explaining a little more about your kits, maker,age etc.

Nice ambush scheme on these kits.

Keep it up.