Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Danger: KonigTigers on the prowl in the twilight

The king of the jungle in that three tone "ambush" camouflage again! Nasty beasts to come up against even in a JSII. Decals still need doing, will have to wait for the time being at least. I sense a mass decal production line at the end of my painting spree.

These are Esci kits (the molds now released by Italeri), with the same story line as the PanzerJagd IV's mentioned previously in my blog, a long stay in the cupboard before their resurrection :)

Viewed from above in twilight:

Yes seventeen possibly eighteen years old with a long history of being on the "would be nice to do" list, usually at Xmas after The Battle of the Bulge had been on the telly. Inspiration for their camouflage comes from the cover art on the Arms & Armour Press book of Panzer Colours (ISBN 0-85368-450-2)

I will just add as a footnote, yes, honest I do have something other than German tanks! It is just that the urge has taken my this way, for this month anyway.

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