Saturday, 26 September 2009

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Their are plenty of big beasts of the WW2 jungle that still want painting in my collection. This 1/72 scale Hasagawa Tiger proved more troublesome than I had expected. I decided to do a much simpler camouflage pattern than King Tiger and JagdPanzer IV painting frenzy I recently engaged myself in, but paradoxically I found a simpler scheme so much harder to do. Going back to a mostly base Dark Yellow canvas proved somewhat tricky to me, I was always wanting to fill the open yellow spaces in with a green or a brown.

Originally [and it eventually turned out] as per my "Panzer Colours 3" painting guide book, it was going to be base Dark Yellow with a simple Green (random thin line) disruptive pattern. However once started I seemed to stare "too long at the sun with it" as I began started painting over what I had essentially already done for little or no effect. The brush was put to one side and I decided to go sleep on it. If all else failed I could always introduce a brown line pattern to it the next day, but hang it all I was hoping to keep it simple in 1943 fashion.

Well I returned more hopeful the next day and decided to keep to the 1943 style "light disruptive" camouflage pattern (shall we say Kursk'ish). See above for the result, which I now call my "Green Tiger". I still fretted and battled with the green bits, darkening and lightening them in a rather random fashion until I had "fettled" (local term) a result I was half happy(ish) with.

Finally I took my irritation out on the two Panzerwaffe crew and tarted them up as best I could according to a uniforms book I had to hand (Uniforms of World War II by Peter Darman, Blitz Editions 1998). That took my mind off those blessed green stripes.

Do I like the result? The ultimate decision is still pending as the green lines are too distinct (is the yellow quite right? ... I am being pedantic now), but it certainly counts as wargame ready, despite the lack of decals. Sitting on the painting bench next to "Green Tiger " is the Fujimi 1/76 kit destined to become "Brown Tiger", a slight variation on the 1943 German camouflage scheme. Allied Shermans, T-34's and Cromwell's now better watch out!


Fraxinus said...

it looks fine...everyone gets hung up on 'is it the right colour' look at the long line of what colour is olive drab! debate. The troops slapped on whatever paint was given roughly following the guidelines in many instances and even German quality control broke down eventually!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Good points ;)

I guess I was getting frustrated at something I couldn't mentally put down until it looked right to me.

It is now in the "done" category box :)

Paul said...

Totally agree, these people that insist that a certain tint of colour is the correct one, simply have not tried to paint anything in the field.

It came in a paste that was mixed with POL (Diesel or Petrol) and slapped on or sprayed on if they were lucky. Tints changed acording to the amount it was mixed with or what was the undercoat.

Weather faded it as well and whitewash lightened it too.

Small scale painting also seems to change the colour as well compared to a 1/35th scale kit.

It is probable that if these people that obsess over the colours actually got on with painting their kits, then all their cuboards and shelfs of hoarded kits would be bare...mine included!!!

Rant over...oh and a nice Tiger as well!