Tuesday, 8 September 2009

JagdPanzer IV Kit Information and Painting Description

As requested (and with a little bit of retrospective updating from other models kits done since)

The JagdPanzer IV's shown in the previous post are actually original Esci kits.
Something I bought "seventeen years" ago! (Ah, the shame of it all)

Since that time they hibernated in a box untouched (shall we call this a gestation period) before seeing the light of day, an instruction manual and plastic (liquid) glue. They then hung about in a draw with other naked plastic kits until about five years ago when the huge pot of black Tamiya matt came their way. Again another period of darkness (in the Pz Mk IV cupboard) until inspired by other WWII 20mm bloggers and a pot of Tamiya dark yellow XF-60 the late war paint scheme project came to life.

The painting went as follows:

Matt Black (Tamiya XF1)

Above kit being a 1/76 Fujimi KonigTiger (Porsche Turret).

Matt Dark Yellow (Tamiya XF60)- leaving lots of dark shady cracks black highlighted in rather an extreme way:

The above kit being a 1/76 Fujimi KoingTiger (Henschel Turret), just being started.

The above kit being a 1/76 Fujimi Tiger, primed yellow. As a footnote to this part, I use a a large (Size 3) brush, so I can be rather rough and ready but cover a lot of area quickly as I essentially wash over the model (and totally repaint it) in the next step.

Metallic Black (Anita's Acrylics) neat on track and tools

The above is the 1/76 Fujimi (Henschel) KonigTiger given base metallic shade to track and tools.

The radical bit: Black oily wash of a watered down Metallic Black, yes you get lots of floaty shiny bits but it suits an oily, dirty panzer look (IMHO). The Hasagawa 1/72 Tiger is starting to look raw, mean and hungry.

Likewise the Fujimi 1/76 (Henschel) KonigTiger above has lost that parade ground sparkle and starts to look roughly treated.

(Above) Matt Red Brown (Tamiya XF-64) blotches and stripes on the Fujimi 1/76 (Henschel) KonigTiger

(Above) Matt Dark Green (Tamiya XF-61) blotches and stripes on the Fujimi 1/76 (Henschel) KonigTiger

Then came the part Games Workshop can take credit for as I highlighted up a shade with:

(Above) Matt Red Brown (Tamilya XF-64) with Matt Flat Earth (Tamiya XF-54) on the Fujimi 1/76 (Henschel) KonigTiger. As a final highlight the the above mixture with a touch of Yellow (Tamiya XF-3)

(Above) Matt Dark Green (Tamiya XF-61) with a touch of Yellow (Tamiya XF-3) on the Fujimi 1/76 (Henschel) KonigTiger

(Above) Matt Dark Yellow (Tamiya XF-60) with a touch of White (Tamiya XF-2) on the Fujimi 1/76 (Henschel) KonigTiger

(Above) GW Citadel paint "Bolt Gun" to highlight the shiny metal part.on the Fujimi 1/76 (Henschel) KonigTiger

Then the fun bit with the spots (and a bit of touching up after when the blotches go amiss). Cover/leathers we painted initially Matt Red Brown and shaded with GW "Bestial Brown" and "Snakeskin Leather".

The final product with a quick twirl for the audience.

The kit above is one of the Esci 1/72 KonigTigers.

The only thing left is to decal it at some point in the future



Paul said...

One thing I like about allied AFV's is that they were painted OD all over...great narritive on the painting. Sounds like it was well worth the wait!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Paul

It did take a long time, but I am happy with the end result :)