Saturday, 19 September 2009

Releases that I am looking forward to :)

I crave the delight of seeing kits that were available from the past (i.e youth) being re-released. Up-and-coming ones I have a particular eye for are:
I found a link to a Flicker collection of the origin Matchbox box art :)

The former will complete a Desert Rat tank troop (Command Decision company) in the desert for the Eighth Army and as the alternative version (bless Matchbox) as  a close-support/light tank (primarily for its many machine guns) for the US Marines in island clearing operations. A couple of kits of the latter Hanomag is needed to complete a Panzer Grenadier company, one of which will necessitate a bit of ingenuous modeling (well just sticking a 37mm AT gun on it, but that's ingenious enough for me).
  • I seem to have missed the 1/72 Italeri (old Esci kit) for the Panther, the one they seem to be pushing is the fast snap together version :(
 Of interest I found this link to a PDF of the old Airfix Magazine ship articles including one on the Repulse.


Fraxinus said...

yup those matchbox kits were great, somewhere I have a stash of those hanomags as many years ago Woolworths (sniff sniff...lost their way after ceasing to sell Airfix!)sold off at bargain prices loads of matchbox kits bundled together in 2's & 3's.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Looks like you made an astute investment that will come good.

The best "buy" I made was picking up some fire damaged stock (sooty packaging not melted plastic) from a hobby shop that paid the price for using a dodgy electric fire.

My only regret was not branching out into "other" periods which I subsequently got interested in. Oh for hindsight and the time to make and paint all my models :)