Friday, 6 June 2014

PSC American Heavy Weapons Set

This is an interesting little release from the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) to complement the US Infantry with the miscellaneous variations on heavy weapons (mortars and machine guns) that the US Infantry hand in the Second World War (see below):

These include three each of the following (crewed):

  • M1917 Machine Gun
  • M1919 Machine Gun
  • HMG M2 Browning
  • 81mm Mortar
  • 4.2 inch 'Chemical' Mortar
  • 60mm Mortar

Interesting and "wacky" stuff, especially the 'Chemical Mortar' thing? What's that then?


Leif Eriksson said...

It was originally designed to fire gas or smoke shells, hence the name "chemical mortar". It was modified to fire High Explosives at the advent of WW2.

Paul Foster said...

What Leif said.

The US still called them Chemical troops right up into the 60's I think.

DaveM said...

Coincidentally I was just looking at the pre-review pics of these over at PSR. Like most of the PSC vehicles, these seem to suffer from a bad case of "extremely-chunky-MGs" syndrome:

Cheers, Dave