Friday, 27 June 2014

DBMM (4 of 4): End Game (Rome v Chinese)

The battle reaches its climatic end-game. The power of the blades is self evident as the Roman Legion blows a hole and a half in the Chinese Center (see below):

The only hope for the Chinese is to pull back victory from the jaws of defeat by being victorious on the flanks (and quickly). To this effect the well placed Chinese (Fast) light horse charge in for their place in glory or infamy on the far Chinese Right Flank. It is do or die time for the Roman cavalry (see below)

At the same time the Chinese Left Flank tries to press home its advantage, however no matter what they try the break through is somewhat elusive, losing two (Fast) light horse in the process (see below):

And quite frankly, it just gets uglier and uglier for the Chinese Center, but they are "just to say" holding it together above their morale breaking point  (see below):

Then the Roman Allied Warband blows away the "archers" and the Center will be clearly lost next turn (see below):

The whole Chinese Army (Left, Middle and Right Commands) are teetering on the brink of collapse. Even the favourable cavalry action on the Chinese Right is a damp wet squib, as the Chinese bounce off dejectedly (see below, the Roman Cavalry will dine well recounting the story of that mini battle):

The Chinese Center morale breaking point is now past and it is game set and match to Rome. It was an enjoyable game and well played to my Roman adversary!

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