Thursday, 19 June 2014

DBMM (3 of 4): Furious Fighting (Rome v Chinese)

The Roman army proved its metal and rebounded into the fray. The Romans showed that they too could hurt at a distance as they had a wonder weapon, the mounted ART(Fast) that could even shoot over friendly troops directly in front of it. The first blow caused a stand of Blade(I) to recoil and thus opening up a very dangerous "gap" that could be exploited as an overlap by the advancing Roman legionaries. The Chinese C-in-C (me) at this point was really regretting choosing the "cheaper" of the blade options. Quantity not really helping when you had a looming gap in the line (see below):

The the Roman wonder weapon went one one further and removed the Blades(I) rather demoralising the Chinese commander. This seems to be the fate for inferior (I) troops. Once they are bested their morale can go down and without the metal of the ordinary (O) troops they can self destruct (see below):

The Chinese were still hoping to win on the wings, although the rough ground seemed to make it a rather messy combat. On the Chinese Right Wing the Chinese lost a Light Horse stand to rather indifferent dice rolling, but still felt confident that their numbers would eventually tell on their Roman adversaries (see below):

In the Center things got very horrid, as the Roman blades made a huge mess of the Chinese "quantity" making the Roman "quality" a clear significant telling factor in the combats (see below):

Over on the Chinese Left Wing things again were looking more positive, though again the terrain was making progress happen much slower than The Chinese C-in-C would have liked. I was regretting moving the center forward, perhaps hanging back would have been the more prudent option (see below and previous the photograph):

Back over on the Chinese Right Flank the situation looked more promising now as a stand of Chinese Light Horse (Fast) had positioned itself in the rear of the Roman position. It was about to make a telling attack, or so the Chinese C-in-C (as in me) hoped (see below):

Note: Those who play DBM/DBMM/DBA on a regular basis more be rather puzzled that fast moving light horse are not "closing the door" or performing devastating "attacks from the rear" more often. Well "if truth be told" there is a "house rule" in play that states that before you can attack from the rear or close the door, you must have started from behind the flank of the attacked stand. I have to say I don't fully endorse the house rule, but at least it is the same for both sides. It tends to make for more ponderous flank attacks.

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