Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Spectator Sport: Romans v Seleucid "Grim Reaper" (2) End Game

The clash of cavalry goes the way of the Romans. As seems to be the way with DBMM, DBM and DBA rules sets, an initial +1 overlap tends to ripple across the battle line to deadly effect. By a subtle selection of where to start fighting the Romans skillfully edge the cavalry battle, with a little help from an adventurous Auxilla overlapping the Seleucid cavalry wing. The Seleucid General is left looking very exposed and is about to be surrounded (see below):

Meanwhile the Seleucid left wing of Pike and Horse is finally (after two additional turns of movement) almost getting to grips with the Roman extreme right of infantry (ie the foot troops unable to march away quick enough). An opportunistic Roman Fast Knight took the opportunity to slay a Seleucid Auxilla (how could he resist from trampling underfoot weak infantry) but now finds itself contesting the centre with a bigger Seleucid General to its front and a Seleucid Pike Block to its flank (see below):

The Roman Fast Knight dies but in so doing offers the Romans a fleeting opportunity to "bag" a Seleucid General. The victorious General being himself a knight is obliged to follow up and thus exposes himself to a second line of Roman Fast Knights. The Romans get their man (see below):

That about does it for the Seleucids as "player morale" broke just ahead of the Army morale. An old wargaming friend and Grognard once said of Ancient wargames, "Fight with your best and don't fight where you don't have to!" The Seleucid Pike Blocks and columns of Fast Seleucid Knights roamed the battlefield, searching in vain for a combat. Whereas the Seleucid Warband and Auxillia found more than the bargained for. The complete reverse of my old friends axiom. The Seleucid Army Morale broke as these latter forces were decimated by the deadly Legionnaires (see below):

In summary this was an impressive Roman performance and left me with many, many questions regarding how to fight this versatile Middle Imperial Roman Army with my chosen Ancient Chinese (Army 63 from Book 2: Three Kingdoms and Western Ts'In 189AD-316AD). 

Any helpful thoughts and hints greatly appreciated ;)

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