Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mad minute in a Model Shop

It was one of those days. A tease of a day. Real-life commitments puts me within sniffing distance of an area where I know there is a 'model shop'. I go on the hunt armed with just an acute sense of smell. Time is against me, to confound it all I get lost and don't find the one I am after but lo and behold I find a different one, how X-Files is this getting? However I have just minutes to take everything in. Literally a smash and grab, pay the man and get out.What did I manage to get?

Check out: Valiant Miniatures

I got the 1942-44 American GI set (20mm 1/72) and they are absolutely superb. Now a definite racing certainty to get the rest (particularly the British and early and late war Germans). Although Valiant have arranged it so that the "box" is an OrBat for a Rapid Fire infantry Battalion, you pretty much easily get a Battalion worth for other rule systems too (64 US figures, 68 in the other sets for some reason).

The other purchase was an Italeri Russian Zis-3 Anti-Tank gun (nice to have two to the pack) and a pot of Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow (as I seem to be running out of it).I did make a mistake though, in my haste I forgot to pick up a Revell (old Matchbox) Hanomag 251/1, hmm "fume".

PS: I have Man-Flu :(

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