Monday, 28 September 2009

And now for something completely different: Renaissance 28mm

It is amazing what you find when looking through a stack of old biscuit tins. While looking for some lost WWII kit (I know I do have it somewhere) I found an old army [or should I say an ongoing army project] of interest. Aside from the fascination of the twentieth century I am as eclectic in my periods of interest (2000 BCE to 2000+ CE) as I am in the scales of miniatures I collect.

This is a by-product of a very 'avant garde' wargames club I was of member of down in London, which made people play outside their known periods (or comfort zones) at their weekly communal all-members-involved meetings. So skulking off to do your favourite thing with a friend in the corner was a no-no in this London club at least. So here is a success story of an old painting project (and ongoing DBR army building project). Technically sold as 28mm Fantasy from Games Workshop but when I saw them they were 28mm Renaissance from Games Workshop (yes the non-magical Empire Troops).The old GW molds meet this description much better than the newer far more fantastical ones.

A line of Skirmish Troops shield the advancing Pike Block from distractions:

An eagles view of the Pike Block advancing:

Angry men of the Pike Block vent and fume:

A "sleave" of Shot taking aim (probably at their own skirmishers):

I really enjoyed experimenting ("no holds barred" so to speak) with the wide variety of colours in the Citadel (Games Workshop) paint system, using their shade-base-highlight system (almost painting by numbers for beginners). The fact that these Fantasy figures looked as if they had walked straight out of the sixteenth or seventeenth century, the colourful costumes of the period and compatibility with other metal manufacturers made it a no quibble army choice "Landschnects", basing as per DBR as opposed to singleton scheme of  Warhammer.

Those of an eagle eye will see not only plastics but a few metal Great Swords lurking in the back rank of the Pike Block as well as a couple of unusual characters also "filling space" in the back rank. Namely the 'Wargames Illustrated' giveaways of Friar Tuck and a non-mounted (and clothed) Lady Guinevere. This 'pike section' done is barely a quarter of the foot troops for the full army. I have most of the pike in an unpainted state awaiting my painters inspiration to start itching but as yet have not even collected the bare lead needed for the Pistols and Light Horse of the mounted "wings". Wargames Foundry being the manufacturer of choice for the remaining pikemen and handgunners. Advice and recommendations on manufacturers for the mounted appreciated.

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