Wednesday, 16 September 2009

B17-G starring in the 'Queen of the Skies' over the Reich

Meanwhile flying above the Reich is "Old Doodlebug" possibly heading towards those KonigTiger armaments factories. A nice (more wargame "space" friendly at least) 1/144 model of the B-17 aka the 'Queen of the Skies' from Minicraft. Admittedly any wargame would probably be centered relative to the B-17's movement, but it is feasible to fit this thing on a reasonably sized table, perhaps even in formation with a couple of supporting friends. The alternative is to start dropping down the scales to 1/300 which is less appealing from a modeling perspective.

In paiting the model itself I was experimenting with trying to get a weathered look by shading up from Games Workshop's "Boltgun Metal" as base shade, through their "Chainmail" as a mid-tone to highlighting with their "Mithril Silver" paints.

I am still debating with myself regarding the results and I am considering whether using a weak wash with Anita's Acrylic Black Metal would be better. I just don't like "shiny silver" planes but I guess some were that shiny! However I think from what I've seen on the web and books the bombers soon became war-weary in appearance.

The wargame potential for me lies with an adaptation to tabletop of the old Avalon Hill "B17 Queen of the Skies" (solo) board game I possess.


Fraxinus said...

yup interesting thought that, somewhere in the pile of boardgames I've got a copy of that B17 game vaguely remember it being rather good for a solo game...perhaps I won't flog all the 1/144th scale aircraft yet! I havn't solved the natural metal finish scheme on planes yet tried car sprays, Humbrol metalcotes etc etc. The only really good finish is by using that metal foil stuff.....but life's too short for that & is the preferred choice of plane nerds who spend £30 on internal detail which won't be seen when the fuselage is glued together!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...