Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Top cover for Singapore: Force Z needs you!

Despite already having passed through my inglorious painting tray a couple of weeks a go, here is a retrospective look at my 1/72 Airfix Brewster Buffalo. I enjoyed putting it together immensely and it has painted up rather nicely. Not shown from this angle is the wacky "glass bottom" window beneath the pilot's feet.

My only criticism with the kit being the decals. They had a tendency to disintegrate on (perhaps my excessive) handling. By strange coincidence today, three sheets of replacement decals arrived from Airfix (free of charge). Thank you! I had used their web-site to explain my plight and ask for a replacement. True to their word they arrived (albeit a few weeks later, but heck I'm not complaining). I am now debating whether my touch-up paint job will do or a new decal juggling act is called for.

On the subject of decals I now swear by "Microscale Industries Inc." "Micro Set" and "Micro Sol" combination. The first one (Set) softens and fixes, the second (Sol) melts the decal onto the plastic to achieve a "painted on" look. This has revolutionized a previously very tricky task for my thumbs.

Though a nice kit to make the Buffalo is rather weak top cover for Singapore, out-classed by the Zero for pace, turning ability and armament. You have to admire the guts of the pilots who flew them as the odds were stacked high against them. It's a pity the RAF Spitfires and Hurricanes, post Battle of Britain, were busy flying costly "rhubarb" missions across the English Channel instead of being where they were needed most in 1941.

Oh that this Buffalo be on its way to rendezvous with Force Z? The (BB) HMS Prince of Wales and the old but fast (BC) HMS Repulse would sorely like to have seen it?


Paul said...

This looks good Geordie, and I must have missed it completely. Cheers for the link. We could do a Hurricane as well, just not in the numbers needed.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It's a very old post (2009)

Funny you should mention a Hurricane, I was busy over Xmas and as it was Plane Month ;)

PS I think the "page" feature in Blogger is to allow Blogs of items to also be ordered in lists of things