Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Wonder Weapon that leaves you wondering!

After retrospectively editing my "painting tray" post I remembered what actually set off my latest painting spree of late war German camouflage. While tidying up I came across a model kit that I could not conveniently "hide" away in the "box of unmade stuff", so I ended up making it as it would take up less space. While in the process of making it, just over a dozen pieces, I decided what the heck I'll do the whole hog and paint the thing(s). Out came the Tamiya Dark Yellow (XF-60) and one thing lead to another.

The culprit was the: 1/72 P-245-010 Jaguarundi from Pegasus Hobbies (Note: it is nice that you actually get two to a box) :

Scanning the skies for trouble. A strange piece of kit, with that late war German irrational "make the most of what you have got left, while you can" feel to it. Never got off the drawing board, but yet I have two for my German late (and some) war battlegroups. The main armament (5.5cm) was supposed to have AA capacity as it had a 90 degree arc of vertical fire. Hmmm, how practical a weapon would that be?

Something for the Russians to ponder as they roll over it with a regiment of JSII's or T34/85's.

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