Friday, 11 September 2009

Over the Skies of the Reich

While searching through some IKEA storage boxes I came across these boys I had painted earlier this year or last (I think). They have a feel of my recent painting schemes anyway. A base shade then a highlight :)

The early version of the Mustang, the P51B (form the Airfix "Texas Hun Hunter"kit). Painted with Tamiya and Games Workshop "Citadel" paints.

Versus the up-gunned Me109-G (again the kit is from Airfix) with 20mm cannon in under-wing pods. Not sure about the Me109 paint scheme, it seems too Matt in retrospect, maybe a satin varnish is required. This could be partly from the Humbrol acrylics I used for the grays, they seemed a little chalky and fast drying on the brush for my liking.

Not really air combat wargaming scale, unless you have a very big table, but a nice bit of eye candy representing air assets in 20mm tabletop battle IMHO. The stands came from Games Workshop marked for "Big Flyers". I had not the heart to tell the assistant what kits they were really for so I left him with the impression it was something Elvish. He took my money anyway.


Fraxinus said...

very nice models indeed especially the P51B a nice kit & a nice paint job, I like the idea of displaying them on stands must look into this it would free up space in the display cabinet.

whisperin' al said...

You're right about the need for a big table but I have actually played with aircraft of this scale using much taller stands and the floor!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks for the compliments Fraximus, I didn't rush the Mustang P51B and it paid dividends. The decal system (Micro Sol and Set)I mentioned in my other aircraft posts worked stunningly well here.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Al, I now have a large back garden so I may 'explore' your "larger floor area and taller stands" idea :)