Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Seventeenth Century Boat Factory

As promised my first DIY ship (work in progress). A small off-cut of DIY trim (1cm by 4cm), some cocktail sticks, paper and Milliput putty (only because I had some lying around, I later picked up a cheap packet of Plasticine). Still to do the flags and the base (see below, in RN or Spanish colours):

Same model but the "flash" went off on the camera (see below, to the RHS you can just see the stern of a Dutchman WIP):

The umpire reported back the final stats of the game:

Anglo-French 48 damage points, 3 ships lost (HMS St Andrew, Royal Sovereign & Prince)
Dutch Republic 23 damage points 1 ship lost (Maagd van Dordrecht)  
Overwhelming Dutch victory

 There will obviously be sleepless nights in the British Admiralty .. watch this space for a rematch ;)


Phil said...

Very nice!!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

There is something compelling about the mass effect of something simple. I have the urge of madness to put together some large fleets of these .. the major battles were 70-90 a side and if a few of my local fellow wargamers collaborate I think this is doable 1-2-1, that "wargaming crazy" ratio!

All depend on my "boat factory" output .. methinks a production line is required!