Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Go Tell It to the Spartans (in 15mm) Part 1 Painting description

My 15mm Spartan Army needs an upgrade. As per many DBA armies they came from the "minimum number of packs of figures" because I paint slow attitude. The first rank of the "phalanx" are from three packets of Chariot Miniatures HOG20 traverse Spartan crest, which means they are all officers. This bugs me so a while back (read years ago) I got some normal hoplites to "add variety". The time has come to paint them (see below):

Coated in my preferred primer *Airfix 01 Grey Undercoat) then experimented bringing in a technique I used in 28mm figure painting. A brown wash (Vallejo) which softened the edges followed by a black wash to add definition (see below)

Next I shade coloured the figure, but learning from Tabletop Minions on a previous post. I intend to paint as few layers as possible to leave the metal as c;lean as possible. So I intend to put down a strong mid-tome and minimal highlight (see below, base coated):

If this goes well I will have another four more bases of officers to spread out into sixteen bases of hoplites ;) I only hope the new style of painting goes with the old style of painting.

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