Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Arghh .. Bit Rot

I bought them long ago. I first (with my sensible head on) tried them all to see that they all "worked" then put them back on the shelf for that rainy day when I would need them.

Then that rainy day came and I slipped the CD into the computer and .. nothing, Data .. what data? Sigh. Bit rot?

To be precise I cannot see my Wargames Illustrated CD 3 (The Green One).

Sad face!

The bizarre thing is that I was not searching for an article but for an Old Glory advert which (if my befuddled memory serves me well) showed some 15mm 1815 French Line Infantry. I wanted to use that as a basis of a painting guide. That info I can get from "other" internet image searches however that's not the point.

Instead of "painting" I find myself backing up what I still have on the "old" CDs to an external hard drive to 'make it last longer'. Oh for the cloud in this scenario! There is currently a lot of chunking from my computer's CD Drive to external Hard Drive going on just now!

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