Thursday, 5 April 2018

Command Decision "Test of Battle" CD4 (or rather CD4.1)

I knew it existed but I had never bumped into it at a show or wargames show and by the time I tried to buy it on-line it seemed to have 'long gone'. So I kind of snapped it up when I saw it advertised on eBay. Reading the bumf I see that it is officially termed Command Decision 4.1 (dated as 2012) because it is a re-edit of the first production run. Good enough for me (see below):

Glimpsing through it says there is lots of extra stuff to download from the web-site (stats charts and scenarios). A few of the core mechanisms I was happily reading about in CD3 seem to have been surreptitiously dropped. In no particular order. Turn time seems to have gone from 15 to 30 minutes. Rather than number of hits to kill it seems better troops are harder to kill. Spotting goes deterministic. Artillery suppression rather than casualties is a "new" concept.

All I want to make sure I "play some games with it" rather than just add to my collection of  wargame rules ;)


Monty said...

Interesting again, Geordie; must admit, all I read/play/think about playing are the Two Hour Wargames examples, which suit my needs; I just can't be bothered to learn, then forget, before re-learning multitudes of different rules.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

You may indeed be a wise old owl for that simple rule
I still seem to be seeking the perfect set of "WWII Rules"

However maybe it is the journey and not the destination ;)
Have fun regardless

DaveM said...

Do those contain TOEs? I've never played CD4 but I seem to have a .pdf (~30 pages) of TOEs for them... While you are on a tour of "old school" WW2 rules you might be interested to take a look at these:

P.S. I am not suggesting they are at all likely to be ideal, it's just fun trawling through rules :o)

Cheers, Dave

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello DaveM,

There certainly is a heck of a lot or reference material to download at the Test of Battle website

Rather than print the charts with the rules the philosophy seemed to be print the ones you are interested in out your self

Thanks for the link

Best Wishes