Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Mighty Maus in 1/72 [1]

From Pegasus Hobbies, Museum Miniatures range (I think). Never thought I would get my hands on this silly super tank, but I did.

Assembled (and there are a lot of bits that go together to make the silly bogey arrangements you do not see) and under coated, waiting for that Panzer Yellow dirty wash perhaps (I could justify myself doing Panzer Grey as anything goes in 1945 German paint shops or even a anti-rust primer driven out to the front)?

I cannot think of a valid WWII wargaming reason to have it, but it was a wacky must! It is also huge, as you would expect, next to even an IS-2!

Follow on: A splendid de-motivational poster from the comments below


Paul said...

"I cannot think of a valid WWII wargaming reason to have it"...come now Geordie, we all know that if it's German and WW2 it will sell!

Al said...

I think there might have been a couple at Seelow 1945?

EY said...

Your comments remind me of this demotivational poster:

Jon said...

I always thought the Maus was a good extra for a sci-fi game

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Like the poster EY :)

That goes on my links section.

1946+ or alternative history games Jon, so almost a Games Workshop model

Al the combat record of these things to the best of my knowledge was two in total, pushed out of the stores/arms depot in 1945. One broke down and was destroyed by its crew the other abandoned by its crew and ended up in a Russian Tank Museum

In honesty I think they were a backwater 1943/44 armoured assault tank project that were left on the shelves.

You're right Paul it had crosses on it ;)