Sunday, 24 October 2010

Small Spanish Game (2): The Spanish Ulcer (again)

Let battle commence, the French try to pin the Spanish Left, attack the Spanish Centre to draw their reserves in and sweep away the Spanish Right by taking the hill and rolling up the Spanish Army. Sounds a good plan but what saw the fates and the dice? 

The French Artillery tickles (rather ineffectively all day, as per their Spanish counterparts):

The Spanish Left starts to get a little disordered:

The Centre/Middle/Hill starts to get very busy:

The Spanish cavalry commander could not resits a flank charge into the French infantry as it attacked the "Hill". Although he bounced the French infabtry had to go square and suffered at the hands of the Spanish artillery (for once). This opportunism on the Spanish Right leads in turn to a flanked "Wing of Horse" which left bruised but not totally beaten.

The dice were evenly split with the French being initially rebuffed in their first attacks but because of the larger unit sizes (as per AoE change made from the last game) they were not spent and could "go again". Likewise it could be said that the Spanish infantry had more staying power but incremently were feeling the power of the French musketry over successive rounds.

The deciding factor seemed to be the optimism of the French infantry commander who seemed confident of "throwing tens" despite statistics to the country. Was this to be a case of French folly or fame?

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