Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Last man standing (sailing?)

Keeping track if what was left still afloat in the Taiwanese/China Straits and even still capable of movement and/or defensive/offensive action took several minutes of frantic book keeping as columns of brown coloured smoke slowly covered most of the models. From this resultant chaos it emerged that there were two Taiwanese frigates left to face down one battle-worthy Chinese destroyer (mine) .

Swigging the last dregs a cup of cheap Shanghai Gin I prepared to meet my ignoble ancestors as I counted six incoming Vampires to my three outward missiles. The robust state-of-the-art Chinese defence systems did me proud making a lot of loud noise but hitting absolutely nothing. Even my faithful chaff had a bad day and deluded but one missile into striking a nearby Chinese supertanker (proof in my eyes of blatant Western/Taiwanese aggression). In the resulting explosions on my ship I was found to have been sunk four times over, not even leaving me with enough remains or 'ash' to put into a ceremonial tea cup. There was scant satisfaction in seeing another Taiwanese frigate crippled as the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army's Navy had thrown its last card.

Thus ended the game with one Taiwanese frigate "last man standing picking" up yet another flight of Chinese Bears en route with another 'eighteen' Vampires about to launch (see below):

Plus a host of small assault hovercraft seen by radar departing the Chinese mainland carrying the crack 93rd Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Marine Division. The Taiwanese captain was just wondering how long a message he could transmit, finally settling for "INVASION IN PROGRESS" as vampires became audible.

An intensely nerve racking game that "sweated" the old salts out of their ships in the most frantic combat sequence I have encountered. It makes WWI and WWII General Quarters games look leisurely affairs! Thanks to Ken at Hartlepool Wargames Club for putting on a cracking little game.    


Paul said...

Nice report as usual. I love those bears!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

If you go down in the "Sea off Taiwan" today you're in for a big surprise!

CarloAntonio said...

Yes !! I agree with Paul !! Thanks for share !!