Monday, 13 August 2012

25mm/28mm The Shape of Things to Come

Or rather 'the shape of things that are already here', if only my existing Greeks and Persians were not of the 15mm (midget) variety. A couple of 25/28mm Warloard Games cast offs (well twelve all told) from a fellow wargamer have come my way and I just had to put a couple of them together. Just to see what they were really like you understand (see below):

Funky chaps, the "Spara with Bara" (laid flat, see below):

The good thing about plastic is that it urges you to paint quick and a little bit sloppy, so these chaps may see a bit of colour yet (see below):

So far I have resisted but only because of my pre-existing 15mm metals, but if ranges such as "Biblical" or "Chariot" boxes appear I may well be camping out at the head of the queue.


Paul said...

let there be light Geordie!

Its a hard thing changing from one type of material to another. You could just field two different armies to save all the hassle!

Monty said...

Looking forward to seeing 'em painted Geordie; must admit, I'm split down the middle over plastic or metal myself...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Monty i think I can only justify it if the period is new or "needed" for the rules

My 1/300 and 20mm WW2 collections can justify there existence thus ;)

Paul: WW2 is never far away from my thoughts (I have a Fairey Battle long overdue to make and I have not taken to the table with my 20mm kit in such a long time!