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The bearded sea-pirate of an Athenian Strategos spat curses of utter contempt at the perceived impotence  of his "lights". At a dither with the interpretation of the Basic Impetus rules he (the Athenian) decided to try and just "throw them in" to try and make a dint in the Spartan Phalanx before the Spartans hit the Athenian Phalanx. His best hope is to perhaps with a lucky hit from missile fire. The Spartan (myself) was urging him (the Athenian) to wait and sneak round my flanks. With gusto the Athenians stayed and threw their missiles but to no effect. Then on their turn the Spartan Phalanx treated them like a speed bump and ran them down (see below):

The only memory of the Athenian lights passing was two temporary disorder markers on the Spartan Phalanx after the close combat, no more Athenian lights to worry about (see below). Note: We had by this point figured out by reading the relevant paragraphs over and over again that the two rear Spartan units were not disordered by the act of wheeling, only it they wheel and then move at the straight line afterwards.   

The Spartan Phalanx meticulously unfolds to the trembling knocking knees of the Athenians hoplites facing them (see below). The Athenian commander again was caught in another Basic Impetus rules dilemma, "he who hits first has the impetus bonus" and you can only attack in your own turn (and there is no 'opportunity status attack' as in Full Impetus). As the hoplites move 5cm + 1d3cm (6-8cm) you position yourself 8cm away from an opposing battle line and then see who 'flinches' first. I you don't get in (as in roll a 5 or 6) the momentum crashes into you instead.

The Spartans meanwhile are content to extend their line (see below):

The Athenians meanwhile edge closer to the 8cm apart distance. (Note: Some annoying light infantry worrying the Spartan flanks would have been useful at the point - salt being ground into the Athenian's open wound)

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