Sunday, 2 September 2012

Athenian Men of Substance

From WIP to finished item, my Athenian hoplites, or rather the ten stands (as per the ten tribal divisions of Athens) required for the Early Hoplite DBA Athenian army (see below):

A closer look reveals the superb characters in the Xyston miniatures range (see below):

As well as those lovely shield decals from Little Big Main Studio (see below): 

And they are all democrats to the man, not Ionian pirates as the Persian Empire would have you believe (see below):

My Athenian Strategos debating on an army disposition with his adviser (see below)

Some rank and file in linen armour with lovely shields (see below): 

I am in a serious internal debate with myself regarding the spears. I chose not to go with the Xyston spears (which you had to buy separately) partly because of the expense and partly because to me they looked oversize. So I opted for some small brass wire with superglue stuck into "bluetack" of all things to make a head (see below):   

It seems to work for some but not for others. I may have to attempt a filing operation, but at a wargame's scale do I care?

I can only but apologize for only having my BB camera to hand to not do the figures a better justice ;)

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