Monday, 17 September 2012

Spartan Helots

My DBA Campaign project has been split into two. One a Big Battle DBA game of Platea (for some wargaming virgin friends/family) and then a second more club wargaming orientated "Greeks in Peril" Campaign (which will probably be done using the "Full" Impetus Rules). For the former I need a Spartan Hoard, so courtesy of Xyston my one stand of Hoard (aka Helots) for the DBA Spartan Army (see below): 

Please excuse the fuzzy pictures as they were quickly taken on my BB as I did a circular tour of my ancients collection (see below):

A fair bit of time and effort went into painting them and naturally (those perhaps of very dubious historical authenticity) I let them wear Spartan scarlet red to help spot them easily on the battlefield (see below): 

In the meantime (as a separate birthday treat) I have just received a bundle of Early Achaemenid Persian Immortals for the scheduled Big DBA Battle in October, nothing like a bit of painting pressure/motivation ;)

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