Friday, 31 January 2014

The Canny New Cromwell from Airfix

Following on from the new nasty new King Tiger II from Airfix (boo hiss, too big and too nasty for the Western Allies) is the one that was always missing from any source when I was a kid, a Cromwell at last! The closest was the Matchbox  conversion of a Comet (the likes of which I never dared attempt as a pimply teenager.)

So .. even though I had seven ['three' from Revell, 'two' from HaT, 'one' from Frontline Models and 'one' from Cromwell Models] the Airfix one was just a must. I was not disappointed, in fact I'd give it a 100% on the pleasure to build scale. Top marks as it is well detailed, perfect molding but best yet, it has the best track ever (and noy just Airfix).

The molded plastic in a "one piece" assembly, brilliant, as it incorporates authentic sag over the wheels, without the multi-part nightmare of tiny pieces going and not going together. Did I say it was brilliant yet? Yes I did, well I meant it (see below):


Well the tester was a success, superb in fact so I plan to get another two kits to flush out another squadron for a Command Decision RTR OoB (sourcing the Sherman Fireflies to go with it from the Sherman RTR I have or another "source" hint [PSC]).

A very yummy modelling experience which made my Xmas break :)

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Tim Gow said...

Nicely done. I have one 'in stock' but who knows when I'll get round to it....