Monday, 24 February 2014

Navwar Napoleonic Ships 1/1200 (Another Naval Distraction)

What I love about Wargaming is the stuff that comes out of the blue and rekindles a "stalled" project. A great example of this is an unexpected conversation with my Redcar Wargaming friends, with respect to "what to do next" (after the Thirty Years War) and the subject of Napoleonic ships unexpectedly came up.

This was a project I had dabbled with and then stopped years ago, getting as far as painting a Royal Navy 74 gun ship (HMS Thunderer), but not rigging her [for fear of the threads] (see below):

Also on the stocks, but not so far along, is another Royal Navy ship, a 80 gunner (HMS Canopus, a captured Frenchman if my memory serves me correctly) just waiting for the moment of "inspiration" to take hold (see below):

Then follows the "silver fleet" still in their packets, two more British, three French and a Spanish (see below):

What I am finding ever so daunting is the prospect of the "rigging", I am trying to work out what I can get away with in a minimalistic sense. I am working down from my Langton Miniatures "complete" rigging booklet. Just a few lines to strengthen the sails so that they do not easily "snap off".

Any tips appreciated.

PS: The rules we intend to use are: Sails of Glory .. watch this space


Phil said...

Great looking ship!

Jan Ferris said...

Nicely done!

Jan Ferris said...

Very Nice!

Monty said...

Great looking model, I've never considered this period/medium, but seeing this has got me thinking...doh!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks gents :)

Monty, it's daunting to get into but once you start you quickly get addicted

The "rigging" post comes next

You don't need that many before you can stage a battle!