Thursday, 27 February 2014

PSC Churchill 95mm (1/72)

The 1/72 AFV plastic kit "assembly rush" continues:

Despite having "a few" Churchills already I felt the irresistible urge for the PSC kit, or should I say kits as you get two to the box :)

You have plenty of variant choice:
  • Churchill IV 6 pounder (already covered by my old Esci kits)
  • Churchill V 75mm (already covered by my old Airfix kits)
  • Churchill III AVRE (already covered by my old Matchbox kit)
  • Churchill V 95mm CS Howitzer (a version I don't have)
The latter version being the preferred choice (in fact I made both kits in this version) to complete my range of combat Churchills (see one of my 95mm versions below):

For interest the PSC kit is shown alongside some Valiant 1/72, 1944 Normandy German infantry (which are known for being on the large side) for a size comparison (see below). Given the size of the tank commander you can see how large the Valiant "Germanic infantry cousins" are but, without the tank commander sticking his head out of the turret I think they would be fine enough to share the same space in a 'table-top battle'.

With respect to my 'other' Churchills Hasagawa have provided me with a troops of three Churchill II's (with pop gun two pounder of Deippe) and also one of the 'interesting' CS Churchill I's with two pounder in the turret and a fixed position three inch howitzer in the hull, a bit like the French Char B's. I have an Airfix and a Britannia Miniatures Crocodile, plus an Esci mine-roller Churchill III (although a friend claims these were never used in combat), this leaves only the Airfix Bridge Layer "missing", to be acquired at a later date.

As per usual no complaints for the PSC assembly and both kits were leisurely done in an evening, two hours max with plenty of breaks :)

Highly recommended .    


Renko said...

Yes - the AMRCR mine roller never saw active service - bit of a puzzle why Eschi put it in there. Mine always broke anyway :-)

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Nice Churchill. How do all the different manufacturers compare for size?