Wednesday, 26 February 2014

SHQ German "Propaganda" Tank


A multi-turreted early war metal monster, the German equivalent of the T-28. Not quite as mad as the Russian T-35 but clearly sanity prevailed as it never reached production getting halted at the prototype state (five in total), although three vehicles did fight in the Norwegian Campaign. It is a SHQ birthday present that has been a long time waiting for its time in the sun (see below):

It has all kinds of experimental madness, with twin guns (3.7mm AT and low velocity 75mm L24 HE) in its main turret, two Pz I style machine gun sub-turrets (that only have one HMG a piece in them) and a crazy high hull with multi-roller tracks (see below):

It comes together in a sort of mad Indiana Jones style way (see below):

Next stage(s): From silver to black to Panzer Grey, but when?

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Al said...

Very original