Tuesday, 20 January 2015

British "Bob" (Part 3) Perry's AWI British Infantryman

Facing front (see below):

A look from the rear (see below):

I thought he was looking "too neat" in the trouser area so I gave him a Vallejo Brown (Umber Shade) Wash. Following the painting tutorial I gave "Bob" a "Royal Blue" set of facings (Vallejo Game Colour Imperial Blue, highlighted with Vallejo Game Colour Magic Blue) and trimmed with a bit of nice white lace (Vallejo Game Colour Dead White).

The cartridge box, water bottle, shoes, bayonet sheath and hat got a basic Vallejo Black. To this Vallejo Game Colour Stonewall Grey was mixed in and lightened with with for highlights. The bedroll on "Bob's" back started as base colour of Stonewall Grey and was lightened again with white. I put a little white lace trim on his hat to make him look the part.

Redcoat Tutorial
Currently 13:41 through the 17:13 video

That leaves the gun, buttons and small other shiny bits to contend with .. to be continued .. one more session I think. My only negative thought is that he looks to Xmas decoration Nut Cracker Suite and may need a matte varnish?    


Stryker said...

Very nice job!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


From someone who is more user to the C20 and ancients these "colourful uniforms" are quite a nice change

Anonymous said...

You make me jealous of your abilities

DeanM said...

Excellent brushwork on this fine sculpt. That said, AWI is a period I've managed to stay out of - too many other projects :)!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks DeanM
I enjoyed this one, though it took more time than I expected

The WSS painting tutorial was the key to its success

Just checked out your site and you are very handy with a brush as well!