Thursday, 15 January 2015

"British Bob" (Part 1) the Perry British AWI Figure is Primed and Ready to Undergo the YouTube "Painting Tutorial" (WS and S)

Primed with Airfix Matt Grey Primer (see below):

Painted up to the same level as the start of the Wargames Soldiers and Strategy painting tutorial on YouTube (see below):

Painted the flesh in my classic three tone (aka GW fantasy) schene using the Vallejo Game equivalents (Dark Fleshtone, Dwarf Skin, Umber Shade Wash, Dwarf Skin, Elf Skintone) and the hair white (Bonewhite and Dead White).

Note: This is my painting scheme, I intend to revisit the Wargames Soldiers and Strategy tutorials to see how they do "flesh"

This takes me to 2:57 of the 17:13 minute long video .. to be continued


Renko said...

Looking good so far. I noticed you went for the white hair - wig I assume? Do you think this is what the rankers would wear in combat out in the Colonies? I dont know, but I assumed they would chuck that stuff away PDQ once the fighting started. Anyone know?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Don't know: Might depend who your commanding officer was and how close you were to "Boston", "Philadelphia" or other large population center

All I know about the Redcoat's wig is that they got the white colour from "flour" that was carried in the soldiers backpack (OK I got that from a Sharpe [in India] historical novel). It was also lice-ridden and a hygienic menace!

Given that food was such a campaigning problem I would have thought the flour was more likely to be eaten