Friday, 9 January 2015

British Perry AWI/FIW Redcoat: The First Dirty Dozen and Some (Assembled)

Tried my hand at assembling the Perry AWI British Infantry (see below, please excuse the long range shot):

Just under half-way through the packet. The idea being to base up two units of Regular Line (12 each) and one unit of Light Infantry (6), an Officer, a Drummer, Standard Bearers (2) and the two dead figures for casualty markers.

I have already "sinned" as I ignored the sage old advice of "always wash in soapy water" (which I might regret later) but intend to go straight to the Airfix #1 Grey Primer, then try to copy this excellent painting tutorial on You Tube:

You Tube AWI Video

If mine come out half as good I will be well happy!


Monty said...

Always liked the Redcoat figures, but know my patience limits and have shied away in the past. This is a great tip though!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Watch this space to see how I do ;)