Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What Next Project Wise: French Indian Wars (FIW) ... Really(?) 28mm (Plastic)

Well another new project, there is however a certain level of perverse logic to it (honest, there is if you look hard enough).

"Somebody else started it first " (a kind of "big boy did it and ran away" excuse) at the local club. It being the French Indian Wars (FIW) using the "Tomahawks and Muskets" rules  (recommending them very, very highly as a 'must play' game in the process) AND I can also recycle or promote the recently acquired AWI troops for the (long, long) way off AWI Project, aka the (Perry) British Infantry figures I impulsively purchased. These are "good enough" (i.e. Red Coats with Triangular Hats and Forage Caps etc) so be a ready to go starter without having to do a botched conversion job. The AWI project, rightly enough is still deemed long term, requires formations, whereas FIW is individually based "skirmish warfare" so at some point of time ahead I might curse myself with a "re-basing job". However I will have some short-term fun. Ultimately I will have Indian, Militia and French troops too, but we'll start with the traditional British Redcoats.


Troop Formations:
  • Line: 8-12 Figures
  • Grenadier: 8-12 Figures
  • Light: 6-12 Figures
  • Officer: 1 Figure
There are 38 Figures in a box but this includes two casualties, a drummer and one (or possibly two) standard bearers (although with all the spare parts included these could easily be fixed up as simple troopers). This implies about 34 useful combat figures. Therefore formations of :

  • 12  (Line ) + 12 (Line) + 9 (Light) + 1 officer  = 34 combat troops!

The Drummer and Standard Bearer to somehow fit in too.

Note: No Grenadier types are includes with the basic Perry Plastic, so I have two Regular Line and one Light Infantry formations. Handily there are three types of head gear, one suitable for light, two for regular so this is a nice trick for distinguishing different units on the tabletop.

All the above is a good enough excuse to assemble these goodies into a post-Xmas "2015 Biscuit Tin Project Box" (see below, for this previously unheard of level of organisation and planning or rather the ability to do a quick clear away when the wife comes home unexpectedly with the shopping, with everything looking much more tidy than usual):

These troops will be individually based and painting "Redcoats" of any period is a step into the wild for me, a "free from fear" bit of experimentation (hopefully)! Though I am not expecting this to be a "fast project" but a January and February (perhaps even into March) diversion ;)


Whiskers said...

As one who has over a dizen "current" wargame projects on the go I both symathise amd empathise.
Go for it Geordie.

Renko said...

Great - cant wait to see them

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks for your encouragement

Lasgunpacker said...

a "single box" project sounds most excellent. Could you do some sort of magnetic base on each of the figures so you could then switch from single to multiple basing at the drop of a three cornered hat?