Saturday, 3 January 2015

First Models of the New Year - 20mm WWII Airfix Matilda

The Western Desert calls in 2015, so I want to expand the Matilda Squadron of three into a full (Command Decision III) Battalion/Regiment 1940/41, so the festive period saw me put together theses little old favourites from Airfix (see below):

A good start to the New Year's resolutions. This brings my Matilda II (Western Desert) count to eight. I reckon I need another three, one of which I will have to convert to a Matilda II CS (with a three inch howitzer - nicked from the spares pile from the Hasagawa Churchill I/II kits I have previously made).

Note I: Other Matilda II (Airfix) 'modelling' variants or should I say possibilities include the cool "Lease Lend" Russian Matilda (in a winter camouflage scheme), an Australian standard 2 pounder variant and finally the Australian Frog flamethrower tank (seeing as I already have a Matilda Hedgehog).

Note II: I intend to use my Esci Matilda II tank as a BEF version (to go with my two metal Skytrex Matilda I's I have), making a small plastic card "Vickers" mantle.

Note III: The Matilda Scorpion seems too advanced a project for me at the moment (too much fuss making the chain arms) , the Matilda CDL (Canal Defense Light) being too "wacky" for the wargames table (also contravening the Geneva Convention on indiscriminate optical weapons).


Al said...

Excellent choice!

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

HNY. Looking forward to pics of all your Matilda II's in near future. It's a particular favourite of mine and I'm keen to see how the makes compare.

Will McNally said...

The scorpion is not that made to assemble provided you take your time L shaped plastruct makes it easier

Paul Foster said...

Cannot you buy this as a aftermarket piece?

I love the Matilda in Soviet service. At least the troops an keep up!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks lads much appreciated comments

PS Paul: What's "an aftermarket piece"? As in already made up or in die-cast? I always remember a specific Wargames Illustrated Blitz Freeze game where the Soviets attacked with Winter Camo Matilda II's and Aerosans. Since that time I knew I had to eventually acquire some ;)

Thanks Will: I should take a second look at the Scorpion after I put together the regular versions

I just like the thought of a slow lumbering formation carving its way across the desert