Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bannockburn 1314 Visitor Centre - 3D Computerised Battle Game Experience

And it came to pass that my Scottish in-laws took it upon themselves to take their  English son-in-law to Bannockburn. Are they trying to tell me something? That they know how much of a "Big Kid" I am and how much I was going to enjoy myself in a "Time Commanders" style battle re-enactment with virtual troops. 

See following link for details:
Battle of Bannockburn 1314

As luck would have it I (the Englishman) was posted to the Scottish Army with my daughter. My Scottish wife and mother-in-law along with my two sons were playing the English. A tad ironic ;) as I stood in line next to no other than Robert the Bruce, played by a nine year old little (Scottish) girl (see below):

Suffice it to say that I had a whale of a time, though I must confess to mixed emotions as on Day 2 of the battle my unit of Scottish bow felled the English king (Edward II) and won the game. However as I left the Battle Room I felt elated, pondering but one question 15mm or 25/28mm?


Tim Gow said...

54mm. You know you want to.
I really must have a look at Bannockburn again sometime. My previous visit was so long ago as to have been shortly after the actual battle! Or the mid 1980s at any rate.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


Thanks Tim, are you at least going to take off your 54mm glasses for the Fletcher Pratt naval

Good luck with the Waterloo 200 sorry I cannot make it