Friday, 5 August 2011

BGC: The 7th Armoured Division Rides Again (Part II)

The opening barrage hits the German in "Wood1", suppressing two German infantry platoons that have the undivided attention of the British left flank battle-group artillery (1 x 5.5inch, 3 x 25pounders). Although in good cover in a wood, the German's heads are kept well down (suppression is represented by a small "mushroom cloud" marker in the photo).

The British infantry surge forward (see above), two supported infantry companies with a flanking (right hand side) infantry company. Two British platoons go down in the first defensive fire from the unsuppressed German infantry platoons to the attacks left. Just showing the potential nastiness of stationary defensive infantry fire (which gets to fire twice).

The Cromwell Tank Regiment is in a rear supporting position. If the enemy had AFV or anti-tank guns spotted then in could have assisted. However the rules do not allow anti-infantry support fire to be fired through friendly infantry. If the battalions were intermingled (as in if I has a specialised Churchill Infantry tank battalion or was German) then they could have shared the front-line together.

A bloody tussle ensues that lasts for several turns the German front-line breaks after fierce close assault. The German battalion turned out to be "Green" and in addition the "suppressed" status of the German platoons meant they were down (-3) in melee factors. To the top right you see a defensive smoke screen that was needed to screen the hill (and the British armour) from long range sniping from that German Pak company covering "Gap1".

"Wood1" is taken (there is a token resistance in the rear-left side of the wood but the German battalion is in retreat) and the objective becomes "Hill1" behind the wood housing that nasty Pak company. The German mortar and AA support elements can be seen retreating across the back of "Hill1" to the left of the German Pak line top-middle above.

Next: Release the Cromwells of War

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Paul said...

Good show, I knew Churchills would come in useful at some stage.

Al said...

Coolies. What rules are you using Geordie?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Battle Group Commander
It is a set developed over many years with people at my local club and an internet community forum:

See Yahoo Group:

Say you read about it on Geordie's Big Battles