Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Return of the painting Tray: Lysander III - the Decals

Time to put the RAF markings on.

To my dismay the Airfix decals are as fragile as ever, it is probably why I hate this bit (did I have this plane kit in the store for such a long time?). The side marking "Y" caused me so much grief as it split!

The upper roundels chipped and split so I had to paint over the RAF Blue from a mixture of Tamiya Gloss Black, Gloss Blue and Matt Blue. Not too sure of the result but I hope it evens out after I put the matt varnish on later.

The underside gets the decal treatment. Boy did I have fun and games with one side of those big letters, it was like a jigsaw putting them back together again. Thank goodness for miracle MicroSol (surface treatment) and MicroSet (it helps the decal literally melt into the plastic surface).

In the end, not so bad an experience (I can say that now it is over - I should ask the new Airfix website for some spare decals as I just know I'll need them later), now to figure out how to use it in a wargame. There is still a little painting tidy up (the spinner should be yellow and some silver wingtip navigation lights) and then varnish to go. I better start thinking about painting my 20mm SHQ 1940 BEF infantry and Pegasus 1939 German Infantry for a France 1940 bash.

It is always good when finishing one project serves to spawn several more hiding away in the cupboard.



Ray Rousell said...

Very nice model!

Bard said...

It's a shame the decals gave you such a headache, but no problems seem visible, so you obviously handled it well. Excellent job and a really fine-looking model.

Al said...

Great model mate, man I hate decals!

Paul said...

Very swish Geordie. Yeah Airfix decals are pretty hit and miss, and its good to see that you battled on.

Great stuff

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks lads almost there just a few bits to tidy up :)