Thursday, 25 August 2011

Renaissance Reinforcements (1): Germanic Men-At-Arms (Knights)

High on the adrenalin rush from the last Impetus game (see previous posts), I not only purchased the rules (my gaming luck can now only go downhill after "reading [and not understanding] the rules") and decided it was time to acquire some Renaissance Germanic Men-At-Arms cavalry types (see below) to complement my Formed Pike infantry and Shot Harquebusiers:

Courtesy of Redoubt Enterprises I now have twelve armoured cavalry "brutes" which will be enough to cover two "CP" (aka "Impact" Cavalry) formations. I found out to my cost that heavy 28mm metal is not cheap, but it has to be said they look "the business" and I just hope my painting does the figures the credit they deserve.

A look at the riders (see above) and a closer look at one on the horses (see below)

All I need is some space at the painting table, watch this space ;) 

PS: Another stack/cluster of Games Workshop paints were found dry as a bone and consigned to the waste bin. The change over to other acrylics (Vallejo and Anita's Acrylics continues apace)


Tim Gow said...

More 28s? That sounds like a slippery slope!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes, I did give a sigh, expensive and time consuming to paint

But the Perry Plastics etc that are coming out are making it more economical