Sunday, 7 August 2011

BGC The 7th Armoured Division Rides Again (Part III): Time to Release the Cromwells of War (Almost)

Sensing a breakthrough the left flank 7th Armoured regimental tank commander was getting twitchy. He was hearing through the Allied radio net his compatriot tank commander on the right flank getting a pounding from German artillery and high velocity anti-tank guns. One-by-one familiar call signs were dropping off the net. The action seemed to be going rather one sided with ominous plumes of black smoke appearing on the "British" side of the board (not a good sign). It was time to press Fritz before he redeployed his troops sitting in the town (see below) and "other" assets.

In addition the German infantry battalion in front of the left flank was retreating. If only those damn AT guns could be neutralised. The motorised infantry were soon to be in place to storm the "Hill1" (hence known as Pak Hill) as they exploited their breakthrough. (Note: After the battle analysis revealed that the British commander (me) had missed a trick here, I was using my arty to set a useful smoke screen to stop the Cromwell's from taking incoming fire which was great, however I should have used half of it defensively and half of it offensively, I was over cooking the smoke. You live and learn, the 5.5 inch artillery would have made a lovely mess of those Paks.)

The Cromwells engines were revving eager to pitch in as the but a disturbing buzz was heard from the German radio net and the sound of enemy armour moving up was heard by the forward infantry. One feature of BGC is the 20,000 general view of the battlefield and one cannot help but get good intelligence regarding the enemy's reserves (but as it is after the planning phase there is sometimes little you can do about it, which accurately reflects a commanders dilemma). I groaned as I was a aware that the German had deployed his reserves at me (see below), which technically was a good sign as I was worrying him.

The bad news was that it was a Panther battalion moving out from its safe position behind the town in front of the bridgehead. You cannot help but feel for the Cromwells'!

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David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Panthers vs Cromwells? Only one winner there methinks....;-)

Tickle a cat? I do not expect the said feline to be so accomodating as to roll over and let its belly be rubbed somehow!

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PS The 5.5s would have rather handy!