Thursday, 18 August 2011

Renaissance Impetus: End Game

Who would take the initiative? Can the Byzantine flip-flop and steal the thunder from beneath the whiskers of the Florentine general?


Initiative to Florence. The Florentine General elects to move the bulk of his army, choosing to keep the Swiss "for best" and starts a gruelling push of pike in the middle which results in the near destruction of both sides heavy infantry in the centre (see below). All the heavy infantry on table are now worn apart from the "Swiss Pike" (evil Florentine laughter fades away ... ).  

The Byzantine turn amounts to nothing much. A dabble of dice hear and a dabble of dice there, but no net effect. Next up, it is finally the turn of the Swiss unit waiting so patiently in the wings. In it goes like a hot knife through butter, the Swiss pike faces a disordered and damaged Byzantine heavy infantry unit (see below), the factors could be summed up in one word as "ow". Note: The base of the Florentine psychopathic knights visible top-right, still looking for more victims but not having much joy.

The Swiss certainly make their "impetus" or "impact" felt, leaving in their wake a trail of Byzantine dead heavy infantry (see below).

Bang goes the first Byzantine heavy infantry unit, spectacularly routed. The Swiss move straight on into another Byzantine heavy infantry unit. This in effect rescues the Florentine left wing cavalry, now rather badly damaged and just hanging on. Despite the scene set for a razzle dazzle of a finish the Swiss fizzle out and barely scratch the last unit. All-in-all it is still enough. The Byzantine army cohesion breaks and runs home. The artworks of Florence is saved by the men of the High Renaissance (yes those psychopathic Florentine Knights and brutal Swiss Pikemen, hmm).

In Summary:

All-in-all a fantastic little game and full credit to the Byzantine General (Yogi) who took everything fate threw at him on that night stoically on the chin (just like his more favoured Roman armies were noted for doing) and thanks to the "on-hand" umpire (Ken) who guided us skilfully through the rules. I am now totally hooked. Time to start the re-basing process (see the lurid card used as movement trays in the pictures, used out of pure necessity) and I need to start painting some Renaissance cavalry figures so I don't have to "borrow" my cavalry wings again from spare club armies.


sebastosfig said...

Fortunately for me, Idon't have any renaissance minis, because you AAR almost convinced to read those rules... Ok, I've already read them

Yogi said...

Persian?? We may live in Persia, and pspeak Greek, but we are ROMANs. Do you hear, ROMANs. Ow, by the way.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks for these informative reports - I have been sufficiently inspired to download the basis Impetus rules and set up a game to try them.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Don't expect me to play "Gauls" to your Roman Chainsaw Yogi

I'm sticking with my long pointy sticks

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


Beware the FREE Impetus rules give a far different game than the full rules

Grab yourself an existing Impetus player if you can

Sebastofig: You are welcome. Once upon a time I was a WW2 only man, now I do it all

Monty said...

Good stuff Geordie, never got into Impetus, but like the look of it...